Inspiration… What Is That?


I am sitting here, in front of my laptop, wandering what to write about in this post…

I had so many ideas these last few weeks, but you know… I was on a holiday, I wasn’t carrying a notebook or anything else to write on… and I wasn’t into using Evernote as well.

Igor, whom I consider a friend and a fellow challenger in this year Quick Start Challenge, talked about this kind of problem in his post “Overcoming the Blank Page With Evernote” suggesting Evernote as the perfect solution. I must admit I tried it but it was taking me more time than I was willing to invest and I kind of forgotten it… until now. It has just crossed over my mind that I could have used it… but I didn’t think of it at the time. I guess I didn’t give the application a real chance…

Nevertheless…whichever excuse I have right now, is just that – an excuse. Bottom line – I can’t remember any of my “great ideas”?!

I mean – how is that even possible? Each seemed so big, so empowering, so enlightening and so… unforgettable! I felt so happy thinking “Yes, this is worth writing about, this is worth sharing within 5C Community” and I think I even had the whole post in my head! I was flooded with ideas! And now?

Now, I remember the feelings! Oh yes! How intense they were! They were so powerful I felt like I was floating above the ground, like I was flying! I felt like pure Inspiration itself! And that’s it! Can you understand this? I can’t remember why I was so trilled about!

Look, don’t get me wrong here! I know what was happening at the time, I know the book I was reading… and I know that the inspiration came from that mixture of events and the book. However, the ideas, so strongly empowered with the feelings… they seem to vanish now… The inspiration is gone… the words are gone…

And just now… I remember a story I’ve read about Michael Jackson in an article talking about inspiration… Often, he would have gotten an inspiration in the middle of his sleep, out of nowhere. Once, he called his manager in the middle of the night, asking him to write his idea, the inspiration that had just popped in his mind. When the manager asked him: “Michael, do you know what time is it? Can’t it wait until the morning?” Michael replied: “If you don’t – Prince will!”

This story was given in connection with one idea that the article had – that inspiration is energy waiting to be “recognized” and it will pop in one mind after another, briefly, sometimes just in seconds until it reaches fertile ground, mind with receptors that would recognize it, put it on paper, work on it, evolve it and develop it in something specific… a song, a book, a creation, an invention, a solution… a blog post…

Oh, yes! I’ve learnt my lesson now! I mean I read this article some time ago but I didn’t really get it… obviously! And since I am the “quote guy”, here is one wise man thought that suits this situation the most:

“Only some of us learn by other people’s mistakes, the rest of us have to be the other people.”

Well… I am “the other people”. I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way :-) . Or …at least I hope I have. Since, there is third kind of people – the one that never learns the lesson no matter how many same mistakes are done in between.

I hope I am not in this third group. Because if I am, the Life will give me the same lesson over and over again until I learn it… So, I’d better learn it now. Whether a mobile application, a notebook or just a small piece of paper – I am going to write down all my ideas right after them pop-up on my mind.

I suggest YOU do the same. If you don’t “think of it” somebody else will.

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