Quick Start Challenge – Is It Really Over?


This post is kind of part II of my previous post – in order not to repeat myself you can check it out here, however, here is the extremely brief recap: the last bonus session of Quick Start Challenge 2015 ended with sales pitch for Dean’s program iPro.

I don’t have doubts that iPro is a good program to follow. But as for me – I will not enroll.

Not that I don’t have faith in it but because of what I’ve learn here in Quick Start Challenge already – persistence and focus, the key elements to any success. Not to jump from one thing to another, from one good program to next better one … and never really get to finish anything.

And I do have 2 more programs to finish (I will explain them in detail in my next posts)… Just to be clear though – they haven’t been completed so far not because I was jumping “to the next shiny object” but because in order to finish them I needed certain level of experience and knowledge which I didn’t have at that time…

But now, with the knowledge from Quick Start Challenge and the habits I am building respectfully – I think I am ready. Me, writing this post now, is also part of this new habit-building.

Another reason I will not enroll is the niche iPro is. As far as I get it, it’s in internet marketing niche … and internet marketing is just the tool for me… it is not my main focus… at least not for the time being.

My main focus for many years now has been personal development, however, on a very, very personal level. Everything I’ve done so far has been just for myself… OK, and maybe for my closest ones.

Now I feel that the time has come to help others achieve personal development and growth. But I don’t want to help just to handful of people that happen to live close to me or work with me. I want to help as many people as possible. I want to help millions. And even billions.

This was once a wish, a dream. Now this is a goal.

This is a goal that will take me on a journey to further expand my knowledge, to further expand my comfort zone, to re-evaluate many of my beliefs… I expect that some are to be discarded, some are to be altered and some new ones are to be installed.

So, Quick Start Challenge is over… But is it really?


Not for me.

This is just the beginning.

Expect more personal experience sharing, more thoughts, more reviews… Although there will be no new challenges from QSC I will give myself one each and every week.

And I will inform you on that (I will add the post in the FB Group document) in order to hold myself accountable in front of YOU – my respectful fellow-challengers, my respectful members of 5C Community and most of all – in front of myself and my WHYs.


  1. August 26, 2015    

    Hi Rino,

    I like how you say that now that the Quick Start Challenge is over – it is really just the beginning.

    As we all have to keep taking action on what we learn to experience results.

    You have a nice blog here and I will be back to visit :)

    • rinorino
      August 26, 2015    

      Hi Shaneman,
      I am really glad that you visited today – I’ve just recovered the site from “an upgrade gone wrong” :-) .
      And yes, this IS the beginning for all those that continue to apply what we’ve learnt. I wish both of us to be in that group – I am just about to see how you are doing – see you “at your place” :-)

  2. September 5, 2015    

    Hello, Rino
    Congratulations on completing the Quick Start Challenge – so it wasn’t really a challenge for you in that you did all the tasks so easily! Good for you.

    For me it was a huge stretch, starting a domain, getting a wordpress site up, doing a video and finally the opt-in page. I must admit, Week 4 was the “calm after the storm”!

    Glad that you’re giving yourself your own challenge each week. Looks like the WMN technique is what you need right now – so that’s MY challenge to you – it can be done in less than 30 minutes and I’d be interested to know if you “flipped”! Haha! It’s briefly explained in my blog, http://blog.webwizbox.com/wmn-wireless-mesh-network/

    To your amazing success,
    Susette recently posted…WMN – Wireless Mesh Network?My Profile

    • rinorino
      September 12, 2015    

      Hi Sue,
      Congrats on your completition – yoy’ve managed from the scratch :-) .

      I can’t say I know what WMN technique is about – I will check and let you know.

      Thank you very much for stopping by – hope we’ll see more of each other :-)


  3. September 6, 2015    

    The Challenge may be over, as such; but the real challenge is just beginning for us. We have to keep moving forward with what we have learned. We have to keep updating our blog’s, as well as commenting on others blogs. It is interesting that you mentioned “shiny objects”. I just updated my blog today with a video about ” shiny objects”. Check it out, and let me know what you think!
    Roy Miller recently posted…Shiny ObjectsMy Profile

    • rinorino
      September 12, 2015    

      Hi Roy,
      I quite agree although I haven’t done it myself these last couple of weeks. Not that I didn’t want it but I experienced large issue which I am thinking whether to share it or to let it behind me …

      I am just heading “your way” to see your post…

      Talk soon,

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